About Us

“Jus’ Trufs” is the brand name representing a line of exquisite, specially crafted, premium chocolate truffles,introduced to Bangalore in October 2001, created in the traditional way.

Most suitable for Corporate Gifting, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Events, Occasions, Festivals, Thank you gifts, and the special moments in your life, besides of course pampering yourself with it.

Available in ranges to suit different taste buds, we are famous for our soft melt in the mouth fresh truffles, our crunchy nutty chocolates and our milk chocolate coated bisks have their own fan following.

We personally just love our very dark, decadent  Belgian Style chocolate pralines made from pure cocoa butter. Our Signature range is our most popular range, with soft centred  truffles and crunchy pralines in a bittersweet dark, made from our special blend of fine  Asian couvertures. Our milk chocolate has a healthy cocoa content and is well rounded in flavor and is used mainly as a covering for our Jus’Bisks, Original Milk and our lollipops for kids.

Our Mission

To become the preferred supplier of high quality chocolates to niche customers, all over the world.

Our Values

To be fair and humane to all stake holders.To treat customers and stake holders with grace, dignity and respect

Quality Control:

The brand “Jus’ Trufs” is owned by M/s “Jus’ Trufs” They are manufactured by Mrs. Chenddyna Schae and her team of dedicated individuals with what can be best described as tender loving care, along with stringent quality control standards and very precise food handling and hygiene standards, possibly the highest in the industry.

Chenddyna Schae is possibly one of India’s finest chocolatiers. The exquisite blend of couvertures carefully crafted for the ranges are based on her specially designed recipes.

Chenddyna is a firm believer in the policy of “Sharpen the Saw” and is continuously upgrading her cooking and chocolatiering skills in various parts of the world.

She is part of the 10,000 women program sponsored by Goldman Sachs and conducted by ISB, Hyderabad, which is a global initiative to inculcate business education to women entrepreneurs.